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We have a clear vision of the future. This vision guides the choices we make.

- Henk den Hollander -

You need courage to follow your instincts and focus leads to a powerful result.

- Eric Wentink -

Quality is the basis, constant achievement is our aim

- Eric Wentink -

Experience is the driving force. Feel, think, do.

- Henk den Hollander -

What we do

As a venture capital company we actively invest in professional service providers that add value to their clients’ operational processes with innovative facility concepts. We identify opportunities here, such as single-service and multi-service provision, but also a coordinating role for facility management.

Each company within the Cire Facility Group has its own specialisms and USPs. Within the Cire Facility Group structure we position all of our subsidiary companies in the market with their own brands, so emphasising their independent roles and enhancing opportunities for growth. They each approach the market independently, with their own commercial and operational structures and their own organisational development plans. The responsibility for the strategic and tactical plans and their implementation lies within the subsidiary companies.

Cire Facility Group does not carry out any sales activities. Depending on the size of the company and the competencies represented in the subsidiary companies, we offer operational support in a variety of areas, such as marketing, communication and business development, and so relieve our subsidiary companies of their administrative burdens.

Our subsidiary companies operate autonomously within the policy framework of Cire Facility Group. Wherever possible, they profit from the synergistic benefits within the group.


  • Vision of developments in the market
  • Innovation and development, for example in ICT
  • Cross-Fertilisation/Best Practices
  • Customer contacts and networks
  • Operational Excellence through focus on a specialism within the brand
  • Carrying out generic activities and clustering knowledge in a service centre
  • Central support for specialist activities
  • Management development