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We have a clear vision of the future. This vision guides the choices we make.

- Henk den Hollander -

Experience is the driving force. Feel, think, do.

- Henk den Hollander -

You need courage to follow your instincts and focus leads to a powerful result.

- Eric Wentink -

Quality is the basis, constant achievement is our aim

- Eric Wentink -

Corporate responsibility

Overall social role
At Cire Facility Group we believe that corporate social responsibility goes further than environmentally friendly working practices and consideration for employees. Corporate social responsibility in fact also involves the investments a company can make to facilitate the advancement of society as a whole.

EWISaxion Entrepreneurs Award
Since 2009 EW Facility Services has organised the EWISaxion Entrepreneurs Award. Eric Wentink, a former student at Saxion University of Applied Sciences – and according to the ‘Top 50 Saxion Spin-Offs' its most successful entrepreneur – was the initiator of the award, which he set up to promote and reward entrepreneurism among students.

Barcode for life award
Cire Facility Group has been an ambassador of the Barcode For Life Foundation since 2012. Barcode For Life raises funds for the CPCT: the centre for research into the individualised treatment of cancer patients. Its mission and objective is to create the most effective and least harmful treatment for cancer.

A key component of Cire Facility Group’s social role is focused on the earth and the environment, based on the pivotal question: How do we experience the earth, and how do we want to leave the earth behind for future generations? We focus on the environment right from the start of our primary process; the purchase of materials and resources. As far as possible, we adopt a Cradle-to-Cradle approach. CO2 emissions are a key concern.

Individual interpretations
Cire Facility Group gives its subsidiary companies the option to include the above activities in their external profiles. The subsidiaries can then ensure that, on an individual level, they make fundamental contributions to sustainability by independently making their own interpretations of corporate social responsibility and an environmental policy.