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Quality is the basis, constant achievement is our aim

- Eric Wentink -

Experience is the driving force. Feel, think, do.

- Henk den Hollander -

You need courage to follow your instincts and focus leads to a powerful result.

- Eric Wentink -

We have a clear vision of the future. This vision guides the choices we make.

- Henk den Hollander -

Ambitions and objectives

Cire Facility Group has the ambition to expand the supply of services in the facility market, as well as increasing the turnover and profit of all our businesses, with quality, experience and anticipating national and international trends as the key issues.

Growth strategy
A major pillar of our autonomous growth strategy is the development and implementation of information technology and innovative commercial concepts in the field of facility management within the operational organisations of our subsidiary companies. This is crucial to enhancing customer experience and quality. What is more, with the use of smart software we can work more efficiently with lower costs, so we also distinguish ourselves in the market in terms of tactical and operational efficiency.

Participating interests
Cire Facility Group is actively searching for takeover candidates who already work in an innovative way, or have exciting plans for innovation in the sphere of facility management. Our preference is for candidates that envisage a majority interest for Cire Facility Group. As well as involvement as a financier of working capital, the synergistic benefits of Cire Facility Group are a key argument for potential candidates. Under the motto ‘together we achieve more’ comes confidence in a shared future.



What we ask

  • Preferably a majority interest
  • Synergistic benefits as the primary motivation
  • Ambition to enhance professionalism and quality
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • Participating entrepreneur/executives

What we offer

  • Passionate corporate culture
  • Independence and continuity
  • Growth opportunities
  • Organisational development support
  • Synergistic benefits
  • Base for entrepreneurs/sparring partners


The foundation of our philosophy
Cire Facility Group constantly seeks out innovation. We view service provision on a conceptual level, and continually search for ways to improve the experience of facility services, with our ambition for growth guiding us in the optimisation and renewal of organisational processes. We distinguish ourselves as a venture capital company by acting as a co-thinker and co-maker on the strategic level, finding the right balance between market-oriented thinking (proposition, USPs and PMCs) and organisation-oriented thinking (leadership based on cultural values). On the basis of our vision that organisational growth arises from personal development, we stimulate investment in employees and the participation of executives in the companies.

Cultural values
We believe that our people make the biggest difference. Inspired by the shared cultural values of Cire Facility Group, it is they who achieve our success. And we see the cultural values of Cire Facility Group reflected, directly or indirectly, in the core values of companies with a shared DNA of individuality. We also place great value on our cultural values for startup companies and potential participating interests, because they have a proven track record of success.


Our service provision takes its place in the peak of the segment. Quality takes precedence over quantity, and is the basis for continuity.


In our organisational culture we create space for initiative to identify and utilise commercial and personal opportunities, and we ourselves have initiative and daring.


Our facility services make a positive contribution to the experience of our employees, our business associates and their customers. We approach experience from the end user’s perspective.


We are different and we act differently.